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Facts on Nauru that you need to know

Located on the Pacific Basin, Nauru is considered to be among the constellation states that form the Federation of Micronesia. The exact history of this Island nation is obscure; the language does not resemble any of the languages that are spoken on the Pacific basin. The state of Nauru, however, has not let an unclear history define them. At the close of the century, Nauru joined the UN as a member state. With this move, the country became the world’s smallest independent republic.

Nauru in numbers

The following figures present a picture of what exactly the state of Nauru looks like:

  • 21: the number of square kilometers that the land mass of Nauru covers.
  • 30: the distance in kilometers of the Nauru coastline.
  • 1968: the year that Nauru became an independent state after being held as a United Nations trust territory since the Second World War.
  • 9378: the total population of the people of Nauru; of these 78% are of the Christian faith, with the remaining percentage practicing indigenous religions.

This Micronesia state receives an abundance of visitors annually. If you are about to pay this part a visit any time soon, for whatever reason, be it business or leisure, it is important to  understand what this Nauru is all about. This way you will be better placed when the time comes to visit this beautiful state.

A general overview of Nauru

  • The main economic staple of the country is phosphate. The export market of this mineral from Nauru account for over 50% of the nations GDP.
  • The monetary currency used in this state is the Nauru Dollar. To get the exchange rate for the Nauru dollar against other world currencies check out the business pages.
  • Nauru’s largest trading partner is Australia, who had occupied this territory before the Japanese took over during the Second World War.

Public Transport and Car hire facilities in Nauru

When you decide to travel to this beautiful island of Nauru, you need not worry about transport issues. The country is served by a decent airport and boasts some twenty four kilometers of tarmac road. Nauru has one port that acts as its water portal to the rest of the world.

In Nauru, visitors can get around by leasing a car from a car rental service. There are a number of car hire agencies in Nauru. The car hire package offered to clients range from premium car

rental services to cheap car hire services. In order to qualify for Car rental in Nauru, you are required to have an International driving license, as well as, some money for the operating costs of the vehicle.  Partnering with a car rental firm is a sure way of ensuring that the last thing you worry about is transportation. This way, you can explore the island or Nauru, far and wide at your own pleasure. The state of Nauru has a modern telephony system that supports satellite mobile networks; you can have fun and stay in touch with people back home.

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